Why Getting Students to Think Like Scientists is Crucial

Students are naturally fascinated by inventions, especially those that make their lives more exciting and fun. Science and technology are taking the world by storm. Every scientist wants to leave a mark based on their inventions. Using these scientists as an example of why it is important to learn science may lead to a positive […]

Benefits and Importance of Private Tuition

Science and technology are in advance stage and therefore students must have proper science education at primary level. To have some insight about primary science tuition we may refer to http://www.indigo.com.sg/primary/science . In a classroom environment it is practically not possible for a teacher to give due attention to every student. A classroom may also […]

Performing Arts: Benefits of Drama for Children

As parents, we would want our children to have the best. We would do everything we can just so we could send them to school for them to have a good and proper education. They learn several things in school like alphabets, counting, drawing, reading, and such. However, there are other important things that our […]

What is the Right Age to Start Learning Chinese?

If you are an aware person who keeps updated regarding what is happening around the world then you would know that China at present is the second most powerful country in the world successfully progressing in its way of world domination. So in that respect, Chinese language gains tremendous importance. Thus becomes utterly important, necessary […]

How to Help Your Child Practice Mandarin At Home

Although it is a language that is spoken by almost one-third of the world’s population Mandarin is a very difficult language to learn even if it were your mother tongue. The fact of the matter is that to be able to properly understand and be able to learn this language it is important for the […]