What should be taught in pre-school education?

Pre-school education has now become a norm of the when they start kindergarten school and in child care singapore . Parents want their children to adopt faster, learn quicker and be part of the new age smart children. Therefore, when you are admitting your child into a pre-school, then you have to shortlist a few institutions, compare their programs, consult as to what is best for your child and then take the final call. One suggestion would be to visit the shortlisted schools and observe how the day is planned for the children and what is taught in each class. In effect, you will be able to make an informed decision about which school to admit your child in.

Here are a few things that you should look out for while screening the syllabus for your child:

a) Expressing creativity: If a child is able to express clearly, it reflects on his deeper understanding of the subject. The syllabus must have creativity such as drawing and easy arts so that your child is able to express his thoughts. Arts such as hand painting can be fun and if the design is free style, then your child is able to communicate his feelings easily.

b) Cognitive skills: At pre-school level, the focus of the syllabus should be on improving your child’s thinking process. Exercises that mentally stimulate and force him to think deeper about simple issues can help evolve his mental abilities. Eventually, this will result in your child being able to recollect information quickly, understand and analyse deeper issues easily.

c) Refine motor skills: One of the important skill developments that should be part of the syllabus is motor skills. Playing with other children, doing physical exercises and even creating sand castles can improve the motor skills of your child. There will be better coordination between the eyes, hand and legs.

d) Communication skills: At such a tender age, your child is learning new words every day. At a pre-school, he should be able to pick up different languages as he is watching, observing and communicating with a lot of other students and teachers. In addition, he will be able to learn the official language faster than other children his age as he will be spoken in the official language be the pre-school staff

e) Overall development: Your childs confidence level, IQ level and personality will develop rapidly. Select a school in which a teacher shows active interest in each of his or her students and focuses on overall development of each child.

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