Why Singapore Parents Value Science Tuition Centres for Primary School Students

Singapore’s education sector is well known internationally for the exceptional performance of students in the science subjects. One of the reasons for this is the tuition culture in Singapore. Many parents have embraced enrichment classes for their children. It is a sacrifice most parents are willing to make to see their children excel in science, irrespective of the level of education.

Parents seek a stable foundation in science education

Students get their foundation in science when they are in primary school. Parents understand the importance of setting the right pace for them to embrace the subject to excel in it. The Singapore education system is based on, “lift the bottom, not cap the top” principle. By giving students support in the form of a primary science tuition centre, they have a better chance of pursuing science to higher education levels, and even pursue careers that require science as a foundation.

To offer support to poor performing students

Unfortunately, because of the class structure, it may not be possible for teachers to give students individual attention, especially those that require more time to understand the concepts being taught. Some students are naturally faster at understanding science lessons than others. Without tuition, these students are likely to lag, and possibly start resenting science.  Tuition teachers supplement the work of school teachers by ensuring that no child is left behind.

Tuition encourages competitiveness among students

One of the reasons why students in Singapore remain a step ahead of their counterparts internationally is because of their competitive nature when it comes to education, especially of science. Besides the internal competition amongst students of the same school, there are several science competitions that are organized between various schools locally and internationally. To test their memory and grasp of the subject, parents believe students need the extra lessons.

Parents want to make sure they have given their children the best chance possible to excel

Just as students are competitive, parents in Singapore are too. Many parents have had to forego some of their wants so that they can pay for their children’s tuition. Sometimes, this decision is influenced by what other parents are doing. These parents do not want to feel like they have failed their children by choosing another expense over tuition. These parents remain confident that they are doing everything possible to ensure their children excel in school, particularly in science.

A means to improve students’ grades

All students have the potential to perform better than they do. Some parents enroll their students for additional lessons so that they can get better grades. This is a primary reason for most parents, especially those that believe their children need the one on one support they get from their tuition teachers.

Increase the growth of top performing students

When the weak students are not given a chance to compete with the top performing students, students who are great in science will relax and get too confident in their knowledge of the subject. Instead of striving to perform better, many students are likely to bask in their glory, instead of working hard to perform better. Once the top performing students realize the weak ones have a chance of catching up with them, they will endeavor to be better than they are.

Tuition is an integral part of education in Singapore. Parents who can spare the funds to pay for their students to have these vital lessons pay it willingly because they expect a positive outcome in the right setting and environment. About 80% of parents believe tuition positively impacts their children’s grades. This is why science tuition centres are thriving in Singapore.